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10 Best plus size waist trainer for women

A waist trainer may have numerous amount of benefits for people with back pain, posture issues, developing confidence etc. It is also proven to speed up postpartum healing for new moms. However, finding the best plus size waist trainer for women that is durable, non-itchy and comfortable is like finding a needle in a haystack.…
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How to get curvy body?

Some people are naturally blessed with curvy body while most of women Google ‘how to get curvy body?’ to achieve this goal. Today we are exploring everything about how to get curvy body in one month and every bit of the process including the curvy body diet plan, curvy body workout and more. Before we…
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Best Fried Onion Recipe: Crispy Fried Onions

Whether you want to add fried onions as topping in a burger, tacos or eat them on their own, taste of these crunchy fried onions are satisfying. Fried onion is one of the famous sides served all around the South Asia. You can easily purchase them from your local grocery store, but the fun and…
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Does it really work? One punch man workout

One punch man workout is one of the most popular workouts that you will come across, especially for the anime fans. It is a workout plan of world’s strongest person, Saitama, a fictional character. Today let’s explore how practical one punch man workout is? What muscles it work, what dier you need and how the…
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The Benefits of Brown Rice for Weight Loss

The Benefits of Brown Rice for Weight LossHave you just hit a weight loss plateau? Or do you want to try changing up your food habits without sacrificing the quality of your meals? Why not try switching to brown rice, which has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to weight loss? Interested? Read on below…
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Do Weight loss coaching works?

If you are planning to get a professional coach for techniques to reduce weight, then you should consider reading our “Do Weight loss coaching works?” We have tried our best to include all the ups and downs of getting a professional weight loss coach for your long-term weight loss. Who is a weight loss coach?…
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Funny and Weird Fitness Questions asked in Gym

There are people who ask weird question everywhere not only on GYM. Well in a way GYM is also a kind of zoo where some of the funniest people come over. Why do my pee smells after eating asparagus? Why does my leg itch when I do cardio? Here are some of the weird fitness…
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Red Tea Detox for Weight Loss

We heard a lot about red tea detox for weight loss, let’s debunk all the benefits you can get, weight you can lose and can red tea detox be your next weight loss drink. Additionally, MyFitness7 will share you the best recipe to get your very own delicious red tea detox. Detoxing is a process…
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Watermelon and Egg diet

Are you curious if watermelon and egg diet can help you to lose some weight? The watermelon egg diet can not only help you to shed some extra weight but also acts as detoxify and anti-inflammatory. Before we discuss about our 5 Days watermelon and egg diet, let us walk you through some fascinating details…
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Sorghum For Weight Loss

Sorghum is the gluten free substitute for wheat with a smooth texture and mild sweet taste. It is a fiber rich content which helps to flush toxins out of the body resulting in weight loss. A lot of people have been consuming sorghum for weight loss, inflammation, diabetes and much more. Today at MyFitness7, we…
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