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Fight stubborn belly fat after 40

Belly fat is one of the most dangerous types of fat as it increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cancers and heart diseases. Are you above 40 and tired of your profitless efforts on removing belly fat? Today, here at MyFitness7, we will discuss about losing stubborn belly fat after 40. But before…
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Slim Thick Diet Plan

Slim thick diet means a diet plan to have a slim thick body. This type of body was brought into vogue by Kim Kardashian -West. Read this article to find out if curvy slim thick body is achievable without any surgeries or expensive procedures? Urban Dictionary defines slim thick a girl with a slim body…
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How to lose arm fat fast for females?

Losing fat is every one’s dream no matter if its arm or belly or anything. Shedding some extra pounds of fat can be difficult when it comes in specific area of your body. Today we will learn about how to lose arm fat fast for females. But before we begin talking about tricks how to…
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What to do with gym clothes after workout?

Have you ever wondered why your gym clothes smells? Have you ever wondered what to do with gym clothes after workout? Gym clothes are prone to sweat, stains and odors and needs to be washed frequently. In order to ensure your gym gear and clothes are always clean and fresh, you need to wash them…
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Benefits of peloton bike

Let us light some of the best benefits of peloton bikes for you today with this article. Cycling is an excellent form of exercise, and peloton cycling is as much beneficial as cycling outside, except you do not run the risk of collisions and crashes and the aggravation of flat tires. Peloton bike often come…
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10 Best Indoor Exercises During COVID 19

COVID 19 has been keeping us home for quite some time now. However, staying at home doesn’t mean we’re completely restricted. We can stay active even with the limited space we have in our house. Whether you’re living in a family house, apartment studio, or even a single bedroom, you can maintain your exercise routine…
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Bodyweight exercise indoor: Covid 19 Special

Building muscle without going to the gym is what many people must focus on until the limitations enforced by COVID-19 are present. The situation like this is the perfect opportunity for mental strengthening and bodyweight exercise. The second topic i.e. bodyweight exercise is what we are going to elaborate on in this article. Bodyweight Exercise…
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Weight maintain workout

Introduction Workouts are one of the most popular forms of exercise. There are many advantages we gain from workouts and among them, there are health benefits. Working out helps maintain a regular heartbeat as well as improve blood flow. Also, it helps to burn extra calories from the body. This is a very useful advantage…
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Chest and Triceps Workout

Chest and triceps workouts may be a muscle pairing as recent because of the bench press itself, and permanently reason. The pectoral could be the prime movers in most pressing exercises. However, the striated muscle is crucial synergists or secondary movers. Hence, your progress on the bench—as well because the growth of your pecs—can solely…
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No weight chest workout

It is a far-reaching misconception that weight lifting and weight preparation are the main ways that you can prepare and accomplish an expansive and developed chest and in this manner an amazing chest area. Luckily, in any case, this isn’t the situation, there are incalculable activities and exercise plans that don’t include loads of any…
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